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Managed to squeeze in a little half-day ride, a perfect mix of 70 mph highway, some twisty pavement, and of course a long stretch of dirt and gravel roads, all here in North-Central Washington.

Every time I do one of these mixed rides, I come away with the realization that for my riding, the near-stock Scrambler is pretty much the perfect machine. It just looks great sitting there in the garage, as if cheerfully asking me "Where to today?" The twin fires up with a throaty roar from the Norman Hyde pipes and idles easily as I pop the tank bag on and don my riding gear.

It slices through in-town traffic easily, then responds crisply out on the highway where I cruised comfortably with traffic at 70 mph. Later, the Scrambler handled very well on a wonderful freshly paved twisty road. Then, proving itself worthy of the title "Scrambler" it proceeded to put 20+ miles of dirt behind it, climbing the hills far above the Columbia River.

By no means is it a hard core dirt bike. Not a true sport bike or an up to date sports-tourer. Not a laid-back cruiser. It's a wonderful 450 - 500 pound standard motorcycle with a smooth & torquey twin, beautiful high pipes and a relaxed do-it-all attitude that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Elemental. Nothing extraneous. No tach. No GPS. No fancy electronics, just a bike, a really great bike.

Here's a link to the ride report over on AdvRider:

Regards, Guy
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