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I am finding that parts for the standard Bonnie don't necessarily fit on the Scrambler.

- Standard seat for Bonnie is about 3/4-1 inch shorter than Scrambler
- Make sure you specify Thurxton size shocks if you are looking for replacements for your Scrambler - they are longer than stock Bonnie, which is needed on Scrambler.
- Foot peg pin is larger on Scrambler - found this out when I tried to replace rubber pegs with lighter race pegs and they were made for Bonnie. Have to drill larger mounting hole to make them work.
- This is obvious, but the 7 inch headlight makes mounting the Dart flyscreen a challenge. Had to bend the lower part of the mounting bracket to make it fit.

I am sure there are other items that just don't fit right, but I have not come across them yet. Keep this in mind if you own a Scrambler and are looking for aftermarket parts that were built for the standard Bonnie.
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