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Scrambler Brake Noise, EBC Solution

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I installed EBC pads on my Scrambler last week. They not only provide better braking, but they also got rid of the squeak that was driving me crazy. I gave the OEM pads a 1000 miles to break in, but I was happy with the brakes or the noise. The upgraded EBC brakes are a great investment that only took about 45 minutes to install.
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Thanks for the post. I've got a nasty squeal from the front brake that has been driving me crazy on this otherwise out-of-this world bike. 1,500 miles with no relief. No drag on the front rotor so I don't think thier is any warping that I've occasionallly read about.

Will try this easy fix... Cool.

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The stock brake pads are just not that good. With the EBC you get rid of the noise, and get much improved braking.
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