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Scouting Copper Canyon, Mexico

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What's the chance anyone here is going on the Edelweiss Copper Canyon trip in April? A buddy and I are registered but I think they're still looking for more people.
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Edelweiss ( ) does tours all over the world. We were originally looking to do our next one in the Alps (drool...) but then we found this one which sounds fantastic and is more convienient for us this year.

I can't link the PDF file so I'm just posting the text. PM me w/ your e-mail address if you'd like the PDF.

April 2007

We did go down Copper Canyon this year. It was an andventerous trip. Most of the ride was through incredibly beautiful scenery. Some of the route was demanding, especially when the small group of 4 riders hit some dirt, gravel or construction always present in this area.

While the tour is possible on black top all the way, those venturing off on some smaller roads do get that extra kick they need.

When we say SCOUTING we mean SCOUTING! The route is planned, but there will be alternatives, that you might be asked to explore. In the evening we‘ll all sit together and exchange our experiences of the day, trying to determine the best route for future tours! Hotels, motels, meals will be good, o.k. and one or two a little basic. There will be a support vehicle for defective motos, luggage and the like. But
don‘t expect to be pampered on this SCOUTING COPPER CANYON TOUR. It‘s going to be a test for future Edelweiss tours through this canyon, which has bigger dimensions than the Grand Canyon in the US.

You must be an experienced rider on small curvy roads!
Are you up to it? Than sign up! It‘s going to be a select group!

Dates: April 14 - 22, 2007
Start/Finish: Tucson, Arizona - USA
Duration: 9 day vacation, 7 riding days
Route: not 100% fixed yet
Accomodation: not always Edelweiss standard
Highlights: Copper Canyon
Motorcycles: BMW F650GS Dakar and R1200GS
Tourguide: yes, one on the motorcycle
Participants: The tour will be open for worldwide bookings. A
maximum of 15 motorcycles can be accepted, all information and briefings will be given in English.

You will need to get a Mexican tourist visa on the first riding day. It is about US$ 21. Each person who is responsible for the motorcycle, wether its a rented or personal
bike, will need to get a Mexican Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit. This will be done also on the fi rst riding day. It costs about US$ 30 and you have to pay for your
own permit with a credit card in your name! If you use your personal bike you will have to get a Motorcycle insurance for Mexico. This will cost you about US$ 20 per day.

Tour prices per Person in US$
twin = twin or double room, single = single room, duo = riding two up, solo = riding solo
Motorcycle twin, duo twin, solo single, solo
F650GS Dakar US$ 1,970 US$ 2,870 US$ 3,340
R1200GS US$ 2,210 US$ 3,340 US$ 3,810
Van transfer from Tucson Airport to the base hotel and back to the airport on the first and last
day of the tour
Overnights during the entire tour
Breakfast every day
Dinner every evening
Basic motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage and third party liability insurance
Comprehensive vehicle insurance for motorcycles with a deductible of US$ 1,500,- to 2,000,- for the tourOne tour guide on a motorcycle
One tour guide in the support van
Support van transports the luggage on entire tour

The minimum group size for the above prices is 10 persons, the maximum size is 24
persons. If the minimum participants is not reached, prices have to be adjusted and
Edelweiss Bike Travel reserves the right to cancel the tour.

The terms and conditions of the Edelweiss 2007 program of Edelweiss Bike Travel do apply (copy available upon request). All conditions, prices, motorcycle availability, routings and hotel reservations are subject to change.
CONDITIONS The reservation will be handled by our agent in the US:
P.O. Box 1974 / 1300 Highway #2
Wrightwood, CA 92397-1974
Toll Free: 800-507 4459
Tel: 760-249 5825
Fax: 760-249 3857
E-Mail: [email protected]
A deposit of USD 200 per person is due upon reservation. Final payment is due 60 days before tour start.

Saturday: Flight to Tucson, Arizona
Sunday: Tucson - Douglas, AZ
Monday: Douglas, AZ - Nuevo Casa Grandes, Mex
Tuesday: Nuevo Casa Grandes - Basaseachi Falls National Park
Wednesday: Basaseachi Falls - Creel or Batopilas
Thursday: Creel or Batopilas - Parral
Friday: Parral - Nuevo Casa Grandes
Saturday: Nuevo Casa Grandes - Tucson
Sunday: Flight home
Tour prices per Person in US$ with own motorcycle
twin/double room single room Per person US$ 1,870 US$ 2,340
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