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So, after all the research I've done about the scottoiler and searching through this site i can't seem to find where to get the system recommended for the 1050 ST in the US. ST 1050 2005/Scottoiler+vSystem

The vSystem doesn't seem to be over here. The two US retailers on the ScottOiler website ( have not responded to multiple e-mails.

Action Stations Inc
166 Eaton Road #A
CA 95973
+1 530 898 9269 Fax:
+1 530 898 9188 Email:
[email protected] Web: Contact:
Paul English

Riders Resource LLC
1416 Portland Avenue
St. Paul
+1 612 670 7402 Email:
[email protected] Contact:
Jed Duncan
Please advise if you have been able to purchase the vSystem over here. I'm sick of carrying around a can of chain wax!

Another question, since I'm lazy i would like the BIG reservoir (Magnum HCR, kit on the bike, I was curious if anyone has installed this somewhere else besides the license plate bracket. (hidden under some faring or where my CA emissions can used to be ;)

And last of all, I've read all the threads on not needing the Dual Injector ( due to the wicking action of the oil. Am i really just wasting my money if i get this?


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IMO dont bother with the dual injector, the single works best, just keep your eye on the inner side of the chain. Apparently the dual injector doesnt use twice as much oil, it splits the single injector amount, and it seems hit and miss getting both sides working equally.
Not sure how to quantify it but it seems either one side works or the other. I've messed around with mine for ages and given up getting both sides working, i even had a replacement dual injector sent from the factory to no avail..
Stand by for the DIY loober purists, i can hear the steam building up from here>>>>:D
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