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S4 Model.

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Hey guy's, I'm a bit peeved that you can't get the S4 in the miniture, I've got the S3 in black and one in green, But the don't seem to advertise the S4, They do all the other models including the TT600!! I'd love a model of the S4 to go with the S3's Can you get them in the States?? Also an S4 T shirt would be the go, I know you can get a digital print transfered onto a T shirt, But an original Triumph one would be great. I have a Speedtwins T that has the S3 & S4 But an S4 T would be great. Just because you don't make the bike anymore dosn't mean you can't do accessories for them eh Triumph!! :wink: I reacon they would sell well :cool: ( My 2 cents worth )
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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