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Has anyone succesfully mounted Speed Triple top clamp/bars on a 97-01 Daytona, while retaining the fairings (unmolested)?
Not talking about a naked conversion - just mounted regular bars onto the Daytona instead of the clip-ons.

Also would like to hear of any other bar conversions although S3 top clamp & bars is of most interest (actually would be a D'Ecosse custom S3/GSXR top clamp, but dimensionally fit will be similar to the S3)

Considering a '99 955i but would need to be able to fit regular bars - it looks tight!

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I don't know about the 97-01 but I mounted S3 bars on my 02. I bought the risers and bars from Triumph and just drilled two holes in the yoke, because the yoke isn't flat I used a rubber spacer top and bottom. So far have used it for two years successfully. Much more comfortable but I also added a Laminar Lip as found I caught a lot more wind. I did go to long brake lines and ran two lines from the master cylinder rather than the crossover. There was enough slack in the wiring for it to work.

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