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S3 and Pirelli tires....

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I recently spent another day at the track and a session with an AMA pro racer. His comment to me was that he couldn't believe my corner speed given I was on the Michelin Pilots that came on the Triple. He strongely suggested getting some softer track rubber and recommended the Pirelli Super Corsas.

They come in either a Soft (SC1) or Medium Soft (SC2). I didn't know that at the time of our conversation so, my question to all of you is: Is the medium soft about the same as what I'm on now (Pilots)? I presume the Soft Super Corsa is a full-on track tire. Any comments and info appreciated.

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First of all, let me state that I know nothing about track riding.

Now, here is my point. First this guy says he can't believe how fast you're going round corners, then he tells you you need softer rubber? It sounds a lot like elitism to me. The old "You have to have these expensive track tires to ride on the track" line. Beaverbolllux.

The question is really this: Are you happy with the Pilots? Do you feel like you would go faster with the softer compound?

Would buying yourself a set of more expensive softer compound tires really make a difference on the track? There will be a lot of disagreement on that, but almost nobody will disagree that the Michelin Pilot Powers are great tires. Street OR track.

You decide.
On 2006-11-05 15:41, crashmasterd wrote:
almost nobody will disagree that the Michelin Pilot Powers are great tires. Street OR track.

You decide.
+1 crash, you have to be one helluva rider to out ride the pilot powers. Sure you may gain a little confidence with the pirelli soft's, but if you're not seeing any probs with grip with the powers, why pay more??? Hard to believe that an AMA pro racer would question the pilot powers, figured he would know what great tires they are... :hammer: IMO, if you're not slide'n, don't switch. Who was the racer???

btw, I'm still gonna switch to sumt'n with better mileage whenever I need a set. I've realized that ya don't have to have the latest greatest stickiest tire to go fast on the street, but then again, that's the street. :-D I'm no track guru, can't afford it. :(

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The Super Corsa's are just the latest hot dual compound tire from the folks at pirelli. Some of you guys might remember and have taken advantage of that promo a few months back regarding by the rear get the front free.

The Super Corsa Pro's are road racing tires that come as standard equipment on the Daytona 675. Very round profile, very sticky, no tread at the edges so not recomended for the wet stuff.

Nothing wrong with the Power Pilots, they might be French but they are a fantastic set of rubber shoes..
I might try the PP 2CT's for the next re-rubbering, but I've been pretty happy with the standard powers to be honest.
Well, I did leave out the part about my Pilots feeling a little slippery on the exists (no, they are not particularly worn). This squirming on the gas really kills my personal confidence.

Elite-ism or not. Riders of his ilk pass me like I'm standing still. For a load of reasons. I figure he knows something. But if I can move my confidence up with a stickier tire, why not?

The question remains: are the SC2s softer than the Pilots?
I used Super Corsas on my 600RR at Portuguese CNV this year... and i'm now using a SC2 on my triple.

I'm very happy with the Super Corsa at the track.
The grip is awesome in fast corners, and it works great on hard brakings.

But on track i use them only for 3-4 heat cycles...
On the road things are very different.

They are nice to use in dry...
After getting warm, grip is great... and even on bad roads it will grip like glue...

On wet road are the worst tires i ever seen...

Also, they only are awesome when new..
After 1000-2000km they will start to l take more time to get warm... and loose some grip.

For road, I prefer the Pilot Power.
For track... some heated Super Corsas..

Soon I'll try the M1...
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The Super Corsas are race tires, not street tires. Yes, they are a softer compound than your Pilots, but their carcass construction requires a considerable amount of heat to take advantage of the soft compound.

You do not want to use them on the street...they cost a lot, they will wear out faster, and you won't get as much grip (on the street) as you will an actual street tire.

The Super Corsa race tire has been out for a while now, and the new Super Corsa Pro is now the race tire of choice.

The new Pirelli tire that somebody was referring to above (the promo) is the Diablo Corsa III...totally different from the Super Corsa. The Diablo Corsa III is a street/trackday tire.

Any more questions about Pirelli tires...let me know.
Thanks very much guys for all the input. I'm not riding my S3 as much on the street due to the others begging to be ridden. So I think I'll maximize the track day potential with a pair sticky treads for the Speedy.

My Aprilia RSVR Factory had Super Corsas on it and they look almost like slicks. Awful in the wet, great when warmed up, a bit squirmy when cold. So far I like the Pilot Powers. I've got them on the S3 and on the Aprilia Falco.
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