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This is the latest and quite frankly the best tire pump for motorcycle tires, in our opinion of course. This pump allows you to preselect a pressure for an easy and remote refill. Simply connect the pump to either your motorcycle battery or a mini jump starter. Select a pressure in PSI, BAR, or KPA. Turn the switch to on, and the pump will fill to that pressure and turn off automatically. The digital tire pressure gauge will automatically let you know the current tire pressure once you connect it to the valve stem of your tire.

The Facts
  • The pump weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Dimensions are 5 x 4.14 x 2.10
  • Pumps to a max of 50psi
  • Can pump a 120/70 R19 tire to 36psi in 200 seconds
Check out the Motopressor Mini Pump here!

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