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I went for a 250 mile ride yesterday. Some 4 lane roads but mostly two lane twisty roads. I have over 1400 miles now on the bike now. I will say this about the Rocket, This baby sure handles nice in the curves. It holds very smooth in turns. We traveled along sometimes at speeds up to 70+ mph in the curves, felt nice and easy going. I would think at the level of speed I maneuvered the curves yesterday that if the I got a seat and suspension upgrade that it would just enhance what I want to do with the bike. The Rocket should give me years of enjoyment after seeing how it performed yesterday.
Maybe someone that was more of a "professional "at riding motorcycles would get a lot more out of the bike. In the past I have read some bogus reviews about the bike and how it handled. Now I know they were wrong.
Looking forward to changing out the suspension and comparing the difference.

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