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Hi, Richard & Kathy here from RKA

Kathy and I are vendors and returning site sponsors. We want to join you in the conversation.
Check out the threads we create and post. We will bet they will all create a question or two, tell us what you think.

Below is an intro message posted as an image, explaining all about RKA.
Because it is a Jpg image the Links in blue are not clickable, but here they are. Enjoy.

July RKA Newsletter

Past Newsletters

RKA YouTube page

RKA has been offering SENA

SENA Momentum helmet

So who is RKA?

RKA 2018 Intro Video

[email protected] / Contact page



36 Posts
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Here’s the deal. It appears you all do not SEE the opportunity hidden in our introductory post.
So if you have just “looked” and not read it, maybe you should read it.
Do not want to hit you over the head with a hammer but ……

I do want to clarify a sentence. The sentence referring to photos is referring to only the FOUR photos directly above the sentence.

So …. Read the post and see the opportunity there ?
Hope to hear from someone.

707 836 7659
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