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I had a great ride yesterday, 350 mi from Fresno to San Jose for the Eurobike Show. The show was OK two separate halls, one British, One other European. Lots more British bikes than the others.

Anyway, what made it all worthwhile was Del Puerto Canyon Road, west from Patterson on I-5 off Diablo Canyon Parkway. It made the long boring haul across the valley worth it.

In all the years and places I've ridden this was just one of the best. Beautiful scenery and the weather was perfect, mid 60s, it had rained the night before but the road was mostly dry. The road had it all as far as curves, fast sweepers, tight 20mph corners, 10-15 mph switchbacks, elevation changes, even a couple of long straights. Up through the foothills very little traffic, occasional bicyclist. About 75 miles of two wheel fun from Patterson to San Jose.

Hit San Antonio Road and up into the mountains. The University of CA has several observatories(Mt. Hamilton) there. Lots of switchbacks 10-15 mph going up and down on Hiway 130 to San Jose. So many switchbacks, I started to get a little queezy-I never have gotten queezy riding before. The area is just beautiful. I don't know if it stays green all year, but this time of year it was a just a gorgeous place to be. Next time I'll take the camera and lots pictures.

There's an off-road park with a campground and a couple of additional campgrounds beyond that. It also goes through a large park, which I didn't get a chance to explore, but there's always next time!

If you decide to ride this road be aware the are no gas stations along the route. Also, probably not the road to ride at night, in addition to the twisties there were signs for deer and wild pigs. I ran into some mist so I imagine it could get very foggy on occasion. There are also many cattle guards, some of them very rough, and some on curves, be careful!

And P.S.-I was riding Pilot Power 2s and they stick like glue, and never gave a moments worry even with some of the corners that had sand and debris. I also took my OGIO backpack with the hydration pack built into it so I could drink while I was riding, that helped alot.
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