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So, first thing is the stator wire comes out of the primary case differently than my other build. Rather than coming out of the top of the case, it comes out centrally and drops down through the area where the drive sprocket is housed. So, I am wondering the best way to route this back up to the top, where I’ll have an electronic ignition.

Secondly, in the primary inspection hole/oil fill hole, the PO has this interesting device assembled, that is a valve of sorts. I’m wondering the purpose/utility of this device.
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Thank you for your advice and comments.
My 68 stator wire comes out there as well. It's covered with a split tube wire loom and is connected with I THINK bullet connectors staggered to fit through the exit in the primary case. On my bike it is a fat spot in the split tubing like a snake swallowing a rabbit.
The tube gets incredibly shitted up from the chain lube spitting all over. Mine is zip tied to frame members as Stuart explains. I wonder if you can mod that exit to mimic the post 1968 (or so) bikes. Having those connections and wires under there in no mans land basically sucks. Love your project!
EDIT: I have no idea what that steampunk valve is about. I would remove it and make sure you have the original timed breather system intact. It works well and there is no compelling reason to alter it unless you just want to. I would look that engine over for other "great ideas" the PO had.
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