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Not wanting to rush into anything, after 3 years of ownership I took my '06 down to Rick's shop in Redding for a seat makeover. This is about a 400 mile trip and the weather was a bit on the hot side, over 90. After 400 miles on the stock seat I was feelin' some pain. I haven't had much opportunity for longer trips recently so a one day shot like that was a bit harsh.
Bright and early i got the bike to them. If you've never seen a seat done up its kind of an interesting process, at least to someone who is lacking in craft skills.
Rick does this a bit differently than some seat makers. he leaves some of the stock foam rather than using a pre-poured foam core but cuts a fair amount away. In the case of the Tiger he also cut away the annoying nearly vertical lip on the stock seat pan which has such a tendency to rub on your tailbone. He then glues on some cut pieces of foam in various places. I saw at least three different types of foam glued on. He then reshapes it with a carving knife and a grinder. Before you know it you have a shaped seat. His co-worker is busy cutting and stitching together the cover that will go on the seat while this is done.
Once the seat is shaped and the cover stiched its time to sit on the bike and check for initial fit and then take it for a ride to see how it works before the cover gets stapled on. If you need any adjustment the knife and grinder make another appearance and then if all is well the cover gets stapled on. Total time just under 2 hours.
I had mine done in basketweave vinyl although leather is available as well. Various colors of piping are also possible.
I also opted for a pair of the LD shorts he is selling. These resemble a bicycle short but minus padding. They are some type of material that wicks away moisture and does not have the typical seams placed where they abrade as normal underwear does.
I was quite pleased with the seat. It does not seem any taller than stock which is as I requested. It is quite comfortable. On the ride back, the same 400 miles, I found I could easily double the time between stops. Had I not been so sore from the day before it would have been even better. This is the second seat I've had done by Rick, the first done on a 650 VStrom with equally good results. All of the seat makers have their own ideas on what makes the best seat and Rick is no different but he does seem willing to spend the time to hear what problems you are having and does have a lot of experience building seats.
I will also say the LD shorts have a permanent place in my riding apparel. It was hot coming back and they did as they were supposed to do and wicked away the moisture rather than getting, and staying wet. Well worth their cost.
With the Buell pegs, mayer seat and LD shorts this is getting to be a pretty comfortable bike. I intend to add some type of highway peg and feel that is going to pretty much do it.
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