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Oh dear! What have I done!

Recently fitted a 3-1 header to my Trident from a T509.
Liked the look of the reverse cone megas available on fleabay|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

So.... took the plunge and ordered one.

Fitted it yesterday and I gotta say it looks superb. Only problem came when I started the bike up. Jeez its loud!
I swear it would be quieter with no end can at all!

Ive seen on the "twins" section of the forum that they just re-pack them but theres no way that will be enough to get the noise level reduced to a half way sensible level.

Does anyone know of a baffle insert that may work on this type of silencer?
It doesnt need to be whisper quiet (far from it) just so its doesnt make my ears bleed!
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