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Hi, I have ridden Triumphs all of this century and currently own only a Meriden Trident after selling the second of two Sprint RS models I ran until last year. Big mistake!
I then bought a Ya*a*a which I didn't get along with at all and am therefore looking to buy another Triumph to match all my riding gear which bears that name.
I have always preferred triples, but am currently tempted by the new Speed Twin.
Having read the reviews and recently ridden a de-cat, remapped Thruxton 1200 R, I was seriously impressed with that motor and but for the riding position would be looking at one of those.
I've not test-ridden a Speed Twin yet, but tried a T120 Bonnie and that was a further pointer in the direction I believe is now right for me.
The only thing that puts me off is that awful-looking rear end on the Speed Twin, and before anyone suggests a tail-tidy for that bike, I don't like those either.
So I was wondering, since so many people ditch the rear mudguard on the Thruxton 1200 for a tail tidy, does the standard item - which I like - fit on a Speed Twin?
Having done a bit of research, I find that both bikes share basically the same frame, but that the subframe is different.
Does this mean the rear mudguards are not interchangeable?
Has anyone ever tried to do it, or is there someone in a showroom that has both bikes who can confirm if the mountings are the same?
Any information would be much appreciated before I take the plunge.
Thanks in anticipation.
Paul D.

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