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Restrictor plate removal (?)

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My prior Bonnie had it removed when I bought it.

After reading a few threads lately about intake, I think I want to take the plate out of my project bike as well. It's the little 790 Black, does anybody have any links or quick suggestions how best to remove it? Rear wheel is removed, fender's off, lots of access..... how best to attack this project?

Thanks in advance.
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If all that the air was moving through was a small square hole in the plate,

and upon removing the restrictor plate, air is flowing abundantly where once it was 'restricted'.....

THAT'S a hell of a lot more air with the plate removed!

I can't help but wonder about possible turbulance and/or the (un)even distribution of air between the two carb's though, given the resulting odd 'L' shaped air inlet (?).
I might see now why my Dyno tech' was puzzled by the air/fuel ratio differing from one pipe to the other (on my BonnieBlack w/plate removed). The sniffer through one muffler of the BonnieBlack charted a steady air/fuel ratio, while the other muffler was all over the chart (???). Sure ran good though.....!

What to do, what to do.

THANKS for the video link!
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We know I want the enhanced performance that may easily be had without having to buy anything (removal of the restrictor plate),

- but -

If an abundance of air is already
* being forced under the side cover at speed
* flowing smoothly into the now HUGE inlet (sans snorkle)
* by way of a smooooth NH bellmouth
* through the less restrictive K&N.......

Are those little carb's actually capable of sucking more air than that which is already being actively stuffed/forced into the air box???

More to the point,
is there anybody who installed a bellmouth, K&N, free flowing cans, and Thruxton needles,
= rode the bike around for a few thousand miles =
removed the restrictor plate,
can honestly say that the single step of removing the plate suddenly required him to rejet an already modified system?

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