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Is it inherent of the type of carburation triumph uses to have a delayed response at low rpm, say around 2.5 and lower? Not quite a stumble, she just seems to need a milli-sec. to get the air and fuel mixture to flow.
Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the world of CV carburetion. CV carbs work off of manifold vacuum to raise a diaphram operated slide that raises the main jet needle, unlike the carbs of old or racing carbs that use a direct cable to raise the slide/needle assembly. A perfomance carb kit from K&N or others makes modifications to the slide assembly to help quicken throttle response. There is also a modified needle and main jets in the kit. I put a kit in my '95 Trophy 4 years ago and it really makes it snappy off the line. Throttle response is almost as quick as a direct cable operated carb. Bigern
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