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Anyone know of any commonality between the ST shock and those used on another model/make bike?

It would seem that to find a rebuildable shock off of some other bike would be a lot cheaper than going with a new shock from Works or Hagon.

I've been told by Ohlins they no longer have a shock for the ST.

I've never been able to get an answer whether the stocker is rebuildable, but it doesn't appear to be.

Any hot tips?

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a motorcycle suspension specialist here told me that it is rebuildable but in my opinion you would be better with an after market job.

Hagon, Penske, Ohlins all make a suitable shock as far as I know.

Over to you.

Good luck and let us know what you end up deciding. I am interested because I will likely replace mine when it's gone to lunch completely.

Davem :cool:
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