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Replacement Battery

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Has anyone changed out their battery on the Rocket III, yet? Bear Man needs to change out his battery. I do not recall anyone discussing battery options.

Thanks for any input. One he was wondering about is an odyssey. I think he has one in his Boss Hoss. Was just wondering if anyone has tried one on their Rocket or perhaps another brand?

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yes, battery options. 32 degrees this morning and apparently not enough battery to get it started.....turned over a half dozen times then nada. at least I hope it's the battery.
didn't see an r3 application at odessey.
yuasa does however, ytx2ol-bs
concerned about availibility, checked further, r3 battery same as used in various bikes, atv, etc.
found the right one at a yamaha dealer..used in some cruisers and atv's.

we are running now!
exactly, after I put the yuasa in it start on the first hit.
Replaced at 16 months. It still had some juice left in it i.e. lights would come on, but not enough to turn it over after setting outside over night in 30 degree temps.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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