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removing headers...

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Whats the easiest way to remove the headers? I was checking it out and it looks like i have to remove a few parts before I can unbolt the right side header...anybody got a secret to doing this more easily? Thanks!

Also, as far as removing the blue, Blue Job works great, but it doesnt seem to have any effect on the yellow/gold. Whats the best way to go about removing the gold...Buffing wheel???

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Remove sprocket cover, slacken the clamp bolt on the swing arm pivot, unscrew the bolts that hold the footrest/brake pedal outrigger bracket assembly, detach the hydraulic brake cylinder pushrod and draw the whole bracket off the swing arm pivot.
The swing arm will still be fully supported by the engine. It rides inside a tunnel cast at the rear of the crankcase.

Removal of the outrigger is a normal procedure shown on Service manuals.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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