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In first gear, sit straight up and accelerate. Let the revs build rather than whack the throttle open and dump the clutch. Your front wheel WILL come up as you get into higher revs. Be sure to cover the rear brake! Ease off gently, don't panic.
Make sure your momentum will not cause you to pull more throttle while leaning backwards. Daytona has quite linear power, so IMO it's easy to get the feel for when the wheel will come up.

There are other ways to get the front going skyward, but this is a gentle start. Also, make sure noone is nearby. I'm by no means a wheelie baron, but mine will come up in 1st and second easily. You need to find where the power lies. I usually give myself a quick reminder every ride. Wheelies are bad mmmkay.
ps..I think youd be better off getting a feel for it when you are deliberately trying rather than blasting off a slow speed corner and sending it up; going into a pucker moment. I about soiled myself the first time it came up rather high and abruptly in second gear.

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