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Red lenses

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I've converted my turn signals to serve as running lights as well. The vehical code here in CA (Cal.Vehicle Code § 25950) seems to indicate that all rear facing solid lights (not blinking) need to be red. Turn signal lamps may show yellow to the rear, but once they become running lamps too, the code seems to indicate that they need to be red.

I'd like to reduce my chances of being pulled over and have been searching for red lenses to replace the stock rear turn signal lenses in my 2002 Bonnie. I've had no luck finding such a thing online. I tried some Harley lenses, but they turned out to be WAY too big. Anyone know where I could get direct replacement red or clear lenses?

Or, has anyone tried red LED clusters behind amber lenses? Does the amber filter out too much light?

Or, any other sub-$100 fix ideas (sub-$50 would be even better :wink: )? I'm happy w/ the way the stock lights fixtures look right now and don't really want to replace the whole setup back there if i can avoid it.

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Interesting. You don't have any pics of how this turned out do you?

On 2006-11-27 18:44, FattRat wrote:
I ran with amber running lamps on the BMW for a couple years and never had any problems.... BUT

the best job I've seen done, easy and inexpensive too:

Make your way to a hobby store and buy a can of 'stain glass' spray paint. Paint the inside of your amber lens' with the stuff.... looks good too!
very cool. thanks for the tips and the details! i'm pretty sure there's a game/model store a few blocks from me. i'll go check it out tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that they have it in stock.

On 2006-11-27 23:39, n578md wrote:
Red LED's will make the whole (amber) lens red at night. In the day time, the lense will be amber with red dots of light from the LED's. Works well enough, but painting the lenses translucent red is better looking. Why paint the inside? Paint the outside. Make sure you wipe the lenses with rubbing alcohol first to remove any schmutz (sp?) because the paint won't go on uniformly otherwise. Apply light, very light coats from 12 inches away. Easy does it or you'll have runs. A couple of coats with 15 minutes drying time in between is enough. Hobby Lobby, for example, carries paint made by Testors. It is designed to work on plastic as it is made for models. (Airplanes, cars etc.., not underweight girls with sofa-cushion sized lips.) Tamiya makes translucent paint too.
just wanted to follow up,

i got the translucent spray paint yesterday morning (last can in the store and looked to be about 10yrs old). A few coats later, I have red lenses. worked pretty darn good. it's not the same as red plastic, so when i'm rich and famous i'll get custom red lenses made. Until then, this is a great fix.

Thanks again for all your tips, this forum kicks ass. I only wished i would have asked sooner. If others come along, here is what i used:

It is Trans. Candy Red 3 Oz. Spray Can 1605

The URL says 1405, but my can says 1605 and the page itself says 1605.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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