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After always having ridden bikes because you could never afford a car when you were younger, and these being the Japanese bikes - cheap and reliable - I then got married and couldn't afford both car and bike (and wife) - I'm not sure what order that should be in!, wife reckons 'wife, bike, car', I decided to start riding again.

After 10 years break I bought another Japanese bike, GT550 shaft drive (Kawasaki), lovely bike - proper sit up and beg bike, very reliable and a good owners club. Decided to move up again, this time looking for a 750cc. Looked at 750 Kawasaki and Triumph.

Bought Trident 750 - build quality and ride spot on. Eventually sold this and bought Speed Triple 955i SE, two years ago (this weekend actually - happy anniversary bike!).
I was looking for a new Speed Triple before the shape changed - I did much research on the internet and found two pre-registered at our local dealership, with no mileage. They had the Limited Edition SE in as a part exchange - with very low mileage and in mint condition, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, did the deal there and then and picked it up a week later, they were very pleased to see someone buying a bike in January! (A notoriously bad time for bike sales in the UK). Still can't believe the price I paid - haggling has it's advantages.

The person who had it before had spent a small fortune on the extras, race can, carbon fibre side panels, rear hugger, full body kit, fender extender, and last but not least a cover for the nut on the back wheel - very important at £50.

Since I have had it, I have put crash bungs on it and grab handle for the wife. Just fitted new screen which I only found through this site - very helpful.

Wife thinks it is the most comfortable bike I have had, and more importantly she says it looks nice. It's a girl thing!

Once thing I will criticise is the plastic tank, not the best design. What is wrong with metal?

All my local dealers seem very helpful, and I have rung Triumph several times just to say how professional they are. I suppose it makes a change from people moaning all the time.

As a celebration of having my 'dream' bike (and I don't use that phrase lightly) I am going to wash the car.

It is just great knowing that I actually have something that I thought I would never be able to afford. I have heard they only made 125 for the UK market - does anyone know if this is true or not? ..... and where I could get my hands on the original brochure for this model. (or download it).
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