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rear hugger/mudguard part #, battery tray doesnt fits, sources for OEM Bodywork for 955i?

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Got a few questions regarding my 99 955i Daytona, hopefully readers can advise

Q1 - I realized my battery was rocking a bit in my 1999 daytona 955i and ordered an OEM battery tray but the holes and built in front tabs do not align with the holes that exist in the undertray. Attached are some pics, i am just wondering if maybe I bought the wrong part or maybe its supposed to be trimmed to fit?

Q2 - does anyone have the part # for the rear hugger/mudguard? The manual seems to reference the chain guard but not the mudguard itself and they seem to be separate items.

Q3 - anyone found a source for the first gen bodywork? I have seen some raw fiberglass stuff but were prefer to avoid this.


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