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On 2006-11-29 04:13, gavinb wrote:
Good looking pic iceman. smart hugger and clean looking bike. How is the hugger held in place as the ABS version does not have the tapped holes in the swing arm?
Gavin, the hugger has a steel bracket which uses the same bolt holes as the original chain guard.There are some photos in my album of the bits and a before,during,after sequence.
It all went together as per the instructions without removing the wheel.I had to file one of the holes in the plastic slightly bigger as I couldnt get the rubber gromet in place - but no big deal.
Probably half the time was spent cleaning all the crud from around the shock,etc.
Tankman and whisperinsmith have both put the 2 bolts that hold the hugger to the bracket in upside down as they felt that the ends of the bolts got too close to the tire.Mine seems ok - looks to be at least 6mm or so clearance and no sign of any interference.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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