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Rear fender swap?

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Would anyone know if the rear fenders are interchangeable between a TBS and a regular (98) Tbird? I think they are but would like to be sure before buying parts.

Would I also need to change the front plastic section? Thanks..
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The later TBird fender will fit a TBS. You need to keep the front part of the fender. You know the part made of plastic. I believe the Legend rear fender is the same as a TBS, but I can't confirm that.

So Not sure about a 98, if you have the chrome mounting brackets vs. the polished aluminum ones it will bolt on. Also If you have the cast aluminum brackets, I suspect that you could swap the mounting brackets and then the TBS fender would fit.

Does that make sense?
On 2006-11-02 14:16, denny wrote:

Does that make sense?
I think so.. :)

I have the cast aluminium brackets, now you come to mention it I think the TBS brackets are longer so maybe the mounting holes are spaced differently.

I thought seeing as I have a locking seat the fenders would be interchangeable but then I have a feeling the subframes are different too.
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