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Rear axle bolt cover

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I saw these covers at the stealership for about $90. :kck:
Seems a little steep for what they are but would love to get one. Anyone know where they might be available for cheaper?
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I went to Home Depot and bought two pipe caps, in the appropriate size, which I don't recall.

Get them hot, and put a good coat of wax on them.

I put a bead of RTV silicone on the ears and stuffed them in the holes.

You'll need to bend one ear down to clear the axle nut locking pin.

Once they're on, you don't need to take them off, 'cause the axle nuts will clear them.

They cost something like $2.50 each.

HTH, Steve
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I don't have a picture of the hubs.

If i get a chance, I'll try to get a shot of the driven side. My pipe covers the other one.

They're nothing exciting; they're just satin chrome. And they will corrode in a heartbeat if you don't heat them and coat 'em with wax. Inside and outside.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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