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Raised HandleBar Position

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I ran across this thread today over on 'Torque - it shows a very simple swap of the right & left bars to give a higher position. Seems quite popular with those who have tried it!
Have not seen this swap referenced here on T'Rat before, so will provide this link for those interested.

(although initially referenced for 97-01, you can see from pics below, this is also effective on 02+ model)

Pictures -

A link to this thread will also appear in the Mods, Upgrades & Fixes Catalog

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How does it feel?
You're asking wrong guy :D - I just posted this as a reference how-to

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I'm going to tackle the project today. I'll fill you in.
Ha ha! Yeah, a bit. I can't get the top nut off. torqued by a gorilla. I was going to ask on the forum if anyone had a top nut tool they could loan me.

Tried it - didn't like it

For What It's Worth- I flipped my bars as per the suggestion to raise them - and it does raise the height, but also inverts your hands a bit, so the baby finger is higher than your thumbs (stick your arms out and give two thumbs-down - that's exaggerated, but it's like that) which just felt real weird to me.

Then I decided to convert my bike to something like a Speed Triple, which allowed me to have raised bars. This has provided me a very comfortable riding position.

My bike is a bit of a jalopy or test-bed so I don't worry about trying things. When I added risers, I just drilled holes in my top triple clamp to accommodate them - a careful person would probably purchase clamps from a Speed Triple -
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^^^^Was your throttle cable always above the mc reservoir hose? Or, was it originally under the reservoir hose? Just curious. I had to loosen my reservoir off the bar to access the fork cap and I didn't pay attention if the throttle cable moved when re-installing the reservoir. The cable now passes under the hose. I went for my first ride last week and the cable got stuck on the upper triple clamp twice at full lock to the right and revved the engine as if the cable play was too tight. I'm wondering if the stock position is above the reservoir hose. I can't remember. Thanks.
My cable was above the reservoir hose because the bracket I made to hold the reservoir after adding my raised bars seemed to be at that height, but after looking at it tonight, it looked stretched there so I've moved it under.

Action is still free with not hang-ups lock to lock.

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