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Radiator Hoses - how long do they last ?

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My 25k 02 seems to haev sprung a small leak where the hose joins the bottom of the radiator.

Currently an imperceptibly slow drip - only evidence is green fluid on the butterfly clip bolt and a small damp patch on the ground.

Tightened up the clip this morning, hoping that's all it was, no sign of leakage on arrival at work, or an hour or two later, but now there's the green drip and the damp patch back.

That suggests it doesn't happen when the engine's warm.

Just a perished hose do you think ?

Just been serviced and the hoses should have been checked I think, so maybe the removal and re-seating has triggered the breakdown of the seal.
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Is it the lower radiator hose or the small hose that goes to the overflow tank? My 99 ST developed a leak at the overflow hose fitting and it was a case of poor metalurgy. The fitting "rotted" in the side tank. Had it repaired once and within a year was back. Needed a new radiator. Only that fitting was bad. You may want to pull the suspect hose off and check around the area where the fitting is attached to the tank.

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Panic over.

Dropped the bike off for the shop to lift the tank and have a good look, they'd already suggested some furring of the the pipes but were all set to drain all the coolant and poke around.

Picked it up and it had turned out to be a loose clip on the very hard to see hose above, dripping directly onto the clip that was clearly visible on the hose below.

Quick round of all the clips and that's me fixed, if a tad embarrassed.

Oh, and they very kindly topped the coolant up so I had the usual pleasure of running it hot then parking up to get teh extra quarter pint spat out the back ! :razz:

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Quick round of all the clips and that's me fixed, if a tad embarrassed
Don't be embarrassed. all the best mechanics become the best mechanics by going through exactly what you've described. In a strange way I actually find this process enjoyable rather than time-wasting.

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