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I was lucky enough to have purchased some Raask rear sets inexpensively. Much as I have learned to appreciate the rather aggressive foot/leg position, I have learned that I am having a problem with the brake lever.

I get absolutely NO FEEDBACK from the rear brake. It's a long and squishy progression under-foot, but it's actually applying pressure to the rear brake throughout the full range of "squishiness". I never locked up the rear wheel on my BonnieBlack in the 20,000 miles of acting-a-fool, but I have locked up the rear wheel a couple times on the Red!?!?!

I studied the brake side rear set, and decided that the long throw and resulting 'squishiness' must be a result of the the fulcrum created from the long linkage. Anybody have any similar observations from their rear sets????
I would like to resolve this, as I quite don't like it......
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