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R U wearing a Triumph Rocket III Leather Jacket?

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If so... how is the Rocket III logo attached to the jacket, and could it easily be removed? Do you think I would need to cover the original spot with a large Triumph wings patch or something of that nature?

I think it's the best looking jacket in Triumph's clothing line-up. However, I don't own a R-III... so I'd like to buy one then loose the logo off the back.

IMO Triumph would have done well to offer the same leather jacket with a Triumph logo. I mean in addition to the R-III version, of course.

Even a Bonneville logo would have suited me a lot better :-D , and could only increase their potential sales.
Hey... :idea: ...anybody know where I could find a BIG ol' Bonneville patch, preferably in leather?
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On 2007-02-11 10:58, wrote:

The patch is sewn on and easily removed...
Ooooh SURE it is wkboardr... sewn on with GLUE!!! Thanks a freakin' lot Buddy!!!

Guess it'll be a cold day in hell before I ask any of you "Rocket Scientists" for help again. :razz:
Thanks, (ugly) that's (ugly) a (ugly) real (ugly) nice (ugly) jacket.
On 2007-03-09 21:19, YETI wrote:

You didn't actually go out and buy the jacket and rip the patch off did you? :pkit:
No YETI. I didn't actually go buy the jacket and rip the patch off.... :knkknk:

Duh...... I just told you the danm thing's GLUED on!!! :hihi:

All kidding aside... I did actually buy the jacket. Only because it looks to me like the best leather jacket in the entire Triumph clothing line-up. I still think I was right... 'cause the jacket's Bitchin.

I also bought a 12" Hinkely Triumph wings patch, to cover the spot where the RIII patch WAS to be removed from. Not sure what I'll do now. But really... the jacket's so nice the patch ain't bothering me a bit.

I may try and find somebody that can switch patches for me on day, but I really doubt it. I doubt anybody will want to mess with it... I know I sure don't. However, since I like the RIII jacket soooo danm much, AND... I bought it at half off... what the hell. :-D
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