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Quick-release seat screws?

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Has anyone found a good (i.e. usable) set of quick-release screws for the 2000 Speedy main seat? Something black with finger-removable knurled heads would be great so I don't have to unpack a wrench every time I want to take it off. I see ones for other Triumphs on sites like British Customs, but not the Speedy.

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These are ones I use - awesome product, seat off in seconds.
The screws remain in place & you just pull the hitch pin - no unscrewing.
(there is also a combo 'deal' on buying with the 'fake' intake mesh screens - which actually look pretty good!)

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I don't get how those work... Skyking has some interesting-looking products, but their photos are, well... bleh!
Remove the original screws
Remove seat.
Remove the hitch pin (with the black sleeve) from the new stud
Screw the studs into the subframe, capturing the wire lug under the locknut
Adjust the height of the stud as required
Install seat & insert hitch pin.
Re-adjust height of stud as required so seat is secure and minimal space under hitch pin


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I went to the local hardware store and bought 2 longer bolts and 2 wingnuts of the same thread. Then i bottomed the bolt out into the wingnuts with some red loctite on the threads. Mine work perfect! I now have quick roadside access to the battery and relays under the seat. Hope this helps!
It would not be hard to make your own similarly to the SkyKing studs - just need to drill a couple of studs and buy some hitch clips (aka 'R' clips)

- your choice as to whether to add the retention wire which obviously stops the clips getting misplaced.
Probably get a whole bag of them for peanuts from local hardware store
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Not to take away from the product on this page, but I bought a couple of knurled knobs from McMaster for $3.00, and they work great.
I used to make these for Aprilia's, £12 a set without the wires, unfortunately I sold them all and never made anymore. AF1 racing in the states make them, but if you're in the UK the delivery price makes it ridiculous. The thread is M6 on these, I gave my mate with a Daytona 955 a set so I assume they fit.
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