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Questions specific to Daytona 600/650:

Can the gas tank be pivoted on a rear "hinge" like some sportbikes, without disconnecting fuel lines, or does it have to be removed entirely to get access to the voltage regulator?

If the tank is fully removed, does all the gas drain out the fittings?

I've got a full tank, is why I ask.

Anybody know more about this? Dealers charge for free junk fittings if customer does the work?!

Daytona 600 dot org: HowTo: Install a new air filter with photos

I should have known! I think easy swap the K&N airfilter in no problem but as I was tilting back my fuel tank I hear snap and see gas running all over. The red plastic elbow fitting broke off inside the valve fuel split everywhere. Now no bike for the long week-end. My dealer small shop closed so he could go to the Triumph meeting. Danm.

Aftermarket fuel line o-rings on Triumph, breaking plastic fuel fittings, metal upgrades with fuel shutoff valves

Plastic quick-disconnect fuel line connectors

Steps to fully remove fuel tank on Triumph Sprint, disconnect fuel lines to change spark plugs, photograph hoses before removal

Upgrade Triumph plastic fuel line fittings with metal fittings with shutoff valves - nightmare removal tips hopefully without exploding

Triumph Speed Triple fuel tank cannot pivot?

Daytona 675 has factory quick disconnect fuel lines -- Same for 600?
Removing fuel tank from R1 with magical invisible fuel line disconnect sequence
How to remove an R1 gas tank using rear pivot
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