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Questions... Recall Items, Tank Removal, Heated Grips

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Few quick questions.

I was a space cadet and forgot to have the shop check my bike for recall items when I was there on Saturday, was too busy looking over the 50% off Triumph apparel.

So, is there a link someplace here with a list of all recalls specific to an 03? Advanced search didn't lend much of a hand when searching for "recall"

Tank removal, installed a heat Troller, long story, first time disassembling my bike and a few surprises. When removing the fuel lines, they don't have cut offs? Meaning they are not sealed when the fuel lines are removed? Few other bikes I have worked on had one way check valves when the lines were removed. Fuel spitting from the connectors (2) at the tank and from the bike side (red connector) line. This normal or was there a recall related to this? Rambling on here so you can all laugh at me but thought I read something about it here in all my readings before buying the bike.

Anyways with much thanks to folks (Rich_Williams and others) who I asked questions to installed the heated grips and troller and GOD what a difference. Ran all day today 40 or below with no issues, half the day was spent with thin summer gloves and sub 40 I switched to JR winter gloves. Great stuff.

Troller install was more time consuming than I thought, installing in the left side controls and such. Not entirely happy with the LED placement as I am a bit close to the actual nob. however after finding out that the silly thing blinks when not at the rated temperature I am glad its slightly hidden.

Only point I would like to make on the troller install at this point till I do more of a write up is that I had to defiantly remove one of the wire guards inside the left hand set, and clearance points for the switch knob on the top. Which I hadn't figure on. Other than that I am definitely LOVING the adjustablity, hey is that a word.

Pics to come.

Please bear with me here normally service VW/Audis but have limited knowledge of bikes so learning process for me here.
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Shameless bump
w00t not loosing my brain!

So its possible I need to get these recalled if they are not already done.

Thanks Limester! :-D
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