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Question about Carb Boots for Daytona

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Need opinions,
I'm done rebuilding the carbs on my D12 but have discovered that all four carb boots are cracked and split and must be replaced.

I have 3 new carb boots that fit a 96 Trident bought off ebay so I was planning on using them and only having to buying one more from the dealer but there's a problem... the Trident boots are shorter than the ones off my Daytona
(new Trident boot on left, old Daytona boot on right)

So my question Oh Mighty Wizards of Internal Combustion an Seers of Atomizational Truth is this: what disadvantage, if any, would there be to using the shorter boots form the Trident as compared to the longer boots that came stock on my Daytona?
My concern is would shorter boots effect performance?

you have ten seconds...

thanks, any opinions/help will be greatly appreciated,

Carb Rebuild Photos

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Oops, sorry (see edited description), actually the shorter boots would give me a little more room when removing the carbs, that's reason enough for me!

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