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I'm looking for a new set of leathers. I prefer the protection they offer compared to textile. I have used a set of Tour Master/Cortech Magnum Jacket and Apex Pants for several years and probably 20,000+ miles. They are a good value for the money. However, they don't vent well at all, the lining is a bit rough and uncomfortable and the fit could be better.

I want something of a higher quality, better protection, better fit and with more comfort. Something I can use here out West where in the same day you can be riding in temps ranging from 30-100 degrees. To make things more difficult, no racer boy suit for me. I want the Jacket to work for riding my Roadliner in addition to my Sprint and RC51. I am also extremely hard to fit at 6'4" 245 lbs.

Based on that, the clothing girl at one of the dealerships is recommending the Alpinestar Alloy Jacket along with either the A10 or Bat pants. She is really high on them but said fit may be an issue. She also suggested Joe Rocket for fit but I'm not sure I like the looks. Anyone tried either of them? Anyone have others that might meet my stated needs?
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