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Process for attaching a photo?

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Hello Everyone:

On occasion I would like to post a photo to a reply or new thread.

How is that done?

Best regards,

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I'm not much of an expert when it comes to sites like photobucket (I have an album here), so I can't say how best to download your photos into them. However, if you already have a photobucket (or similar) album, here's how to post a photo in a TriumphRat.Net thread from it.......

• Goto the required album and click on the required photo to bring it up

• Right click on the photo and select "Properties"

• In the info box, highlight the "Address (URL)" and copy [Ctrl-C] then press "OK" to close the info box

• Goto the required thread - "new topic" or "post reply"

• Click "IMAGE" and then paste [Ctrl-V] in the prompt box and click "OK" - in your message window will appear "[img ]http//etc.......jpg[ /img]"

I hope this helps.

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