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eya caferacers!

i love the old rigid frame triumphs.

yes there is an alternator inner and outer primary chaincase. they came with the speed twins and the Thunderbirds

there is a special collar that goes on the end of the engine shock absorber that has the right threads for the crankcase snout.

the rigid alternator fastener is a flanged nut for the same snout.

the rubber shock absorbers in the clutch are in all the rigid drive trains, the single row outer hub is the rigid and early swing arm.

heres the early 1945 to 1955 manual:

heres the 1947/ 1948 parts manual:

the rigid alternator case numbers are in these, let me know if you can't find em theres some other rigid frame stuff on the net.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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