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predict a busy board

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with temps in the mid 30 for most of the land , i expect that we will pretty good traffic on here today

maybe TEO will show up , i missed the first episode
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I prefer the word iniquitous. :lgh:
On 2007-01-20 10:20, Catenaccio wrote:
"Peccant" works for me.
OK, Catenaccio WINS.
NEW word of the day - Peccant.

I had to use for that one. :)
You need to get that sphincter recalibrated.

It's quicker AND faster.
Nope, the suction holds him in the seat. :wow:
On 2007-01-21 10:15, dr_gallup wrote:
Well it is cold and gray here today. Just pulled my header off and will ship it to Devi first thing in the morning. Devi said that it was possible to slip the header out through the oil lines but I had to break one line loose from the oil cooler to get it out. No way it was coming out otherwise. Anyone else have the same experience? I was pleasantly surprised how easily it came off otherwise. Not a single busted knuckle.
Another header to cut up! Anyone wanna watch plasma cutter artistry in action?

Just Kidding!
I got mine out (and back on) by loosening the radiator/oil cooler mounts. But did not have to loosen the lines.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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