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Hey all:

Next week, I will be installing Lossa shorty reverse cones and the BC Airbox and AI elimination kits on my 2011 Thruxton. I had my local dealer give me a quote for a power commander and custom EFI map. Between buying the Power Commander itself and paying for the dyno time, I would be spending about $650.

The idea of paying $145 for the TTP Tune 12 is more appealing, especially with the stage 1 ignition advance.

I can handle all the wrenching myself, and TuneECU seems easy enough if you follow the directions properly.

My question is: Has anyone tried the TTP tunes, but ultimately went with a Power Commander and custom map/dyno time? If so, why?

The PC and custom map just seem like an extra expense that really isn't required for my level of mods...
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