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To post up pics, the best thing to do is goto and sign up. It is free. Then when you want to put a pic in a message. Under the pic there will be a checkbox. Check that, then at the bottom of the page there is a button that says "Generate HTML and IMG code". This will take you to another screen. There will be a few choices, pick the one that has this saying - "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended" .
This will help cut down on the huge picures in the thread.

Then copy the link in the box and paste into the message box and you get like so:

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Here's another way to do it, without having to use Photobucket - this works for any source, including from the T-Rat albums where you have ready made thumbnails available, as well as typically two sizes of image .

You can make embedded thumbnails 'clickable' to the full size pic by using the following code which will launch the picture in a new browser window:

[ url=(address of full size picture location)][ img=(address of picture thumbnail location)[ /img][ /url]

(There should be no spaces in the actual code - I had to insert those to illustrate otherwise it would just create the finished linked thumbnail into the actual post)

You can get the addresses for the respective pictures by mousing over the thumb or full size picture & right click, then properties, then copy the address (URL)

Here's the code for the example you can see below:

[ url=h t t p://][ img=h t t p://[ /img][ /url]
(once again should be no spaces in the actual code of course)

Note also that if the regular size pic is h t t p :// w w, then the corresponding thumbnail will be h t t p :// w w
(same as full-size pic address with inclusion of ".thumb" before the .jpg)
& again, there should be no spaces in above - I think you get the reason already!

Additionally, the address of the mid-sized pic will have a similar address as full-sized pic with the inclusion of ".sized" before the ".jpg" extension - this address is a 500 pixel wide re-sized picture

Example of embedded thumbnail link:

Click on Thumbnail for full-size pic.

It sounds complex but in practical terms this is how I would actually do it:

1. Open your gallery in a new browser window

2. Mouse over the thumbnail picture you want and right click, then properties & 'copy' the URL

Then, back in your create message window

3. Type "[ url=" followed by 'paste' command then " ]"; (no spaces between anything though)

4. then select IMAGE from the toolbar and again 'paste' the URL (which should still be on your clipboard)

5. CLose by typing "[ /url]" (again no spaces though)

6. Edit the initial string after "url=" to delete the ".thumb" extension (but only in the first part - not in the "img" part)

You can then use the PREVIEW command to see if your clickable link comes up in the preview panel.

[ url=http ://<s>.thumb</s>.jpg[ /url][ IMG]http ://[ /IMG][ /url]

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Maybe it's better I did it before reading this post, sounds complicated.
I took pix with Iphone,downloaded to windows photo gallery and tab above says "open", open with "microsoft office picture manager",
Edit tab has resize option, resize to max 800pix and then copy resized pix to "pictures" folder in computer where it is easy to find with "manage attachments" button below the "post reply" screen.
Worked for me, hope it helps.


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There's some tips on posting pictures at:

Drive, Dropbox, etc make it tough. They create URLs to a page instead of a link to the image itself, and that won't work. You need a link that ends in .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif (and maybe a couple others). You need a link to the image itself, not to a page which contains the image.
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