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I went ahead and created a dummy account in picturetrail.

Here's all it takes:

Go to

Fill in the basic information on the form, write down your username & password

Choose “Skip” on the free offers that follow

Click “Photo Sharing” tab

Click “Upload Pix” tab

Click “Browse” button, find your photo or file to upload, click “Open”, click “Next”,

Select album to upload to, click “Upload”

Click on “Manage Photos” tab at the top

Click on the album you want to upload photos from

Scroll down the photos and select the one you want, click on it

Right –click on the large photo when it comes up on the screen, click “properties”

Highlight the “Address” portion of the info box, right-click on it and select “copy”

Now, while posting a new thread or reply, just right-click in the post and select “paste”,


When posting a reply, click on the “IMG” button, then right click and select “paste”

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