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Hi all

first post so please be gentle...

I currently ride a 2008 Buell CityX. Love the power and weight but hate the wet weather. The amount of spray and debris that gets flicked up from the rear wheel is terrible.

I prefer naked bikes so am thinking about the Speed Triple 1050. Can you guys tell me about this bike and what its like in the wet. I'd fit the small screen to the front to help wind protection (a bit) My questions are:-

1. Build quality
2. Tank range
3. Rear wheel spray
4. Chain... Yep, I said chain... I have not had a chain driven bike for a while now so would like to know what adjustment and lubrication is like....

Thanks in advance for any info

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I'll leave questions 2 and 3 to those with Speed Triples, but here's some input on 1 and 4.

The build quality of all Triumphs is very high. I'd stand them up next to anything. No worries there, especially (if you'll forgive me for saying so) coming from a Buell. You'll be very pleased.

The chain is no big deal. You'll need to get a stand that works with single sided swingarm, but that's not hard. Lubing and adjusting the tension is the work of minutes. It's a non-issue.

Hope this is helpful, and welcome to the forum!

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Question #2 : I get 36-42 Mpg on my 2003 S3 and it has a 5 gallon tank.
Question #3 : I have ridden a fair number of miles in the rain (37,000 miles total) and have no issues other than being smooth and gentle when opening the throttle.
It turns quickly has good stability in the corners and the brakes are world class. 2002-2004
On the 05-07 models many owners complained of excessive brake lever travel. Triumph eventually replaced the pistons with teflon coated Daytona 675 units and this was i believe done under warranty.
The 02-04 models had a recall for fuel connectors (also done under waranty) and headstock bearings. if your looking at buying used.
Your Buell may have similar torque but the S3 has dramatically more horsepower.
The S3 is much much smoother with a good (not great) topend power.
I have ridden an XB 12 some time back and when the Buell runs out of steam is when the S3 really gets going.
The S3 will wheelie at your command (if thats your thing) smoothly and predictably.
The 05 onward models have a smaller 180 rear tire (the 955 series had 190's) and thus turns in even faster than the model I own.
My experience with the Buell was seriously under-whelming....
However YMMV. See if you can get a test ride from a dealer or go to the Triumph demo truck.
Hope this helps.
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