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Hello Team:

Well it finally happen..!!!!

The fuel connectors linking each of the feed and return fuel hoses to the fuel pump mounting plate fracture...!!!

It's a small fracture because there are only a few drops of fuel in the floor but I guess it will get bigger if I continue riding the bike.

This is a known issue and TRIUMPH published a recall about this in 2004. (Recall ID #: 47391)

The closest dealer to me is POLARIS West in Katy. (11 miles) I know that most likely British USA in South Houston can provide a better service but is way to far (37 miles) for riding the bike in those conditions.

Anyone has any experience with POLARIS West??. They are not supposed to charge for the repair but do not want to hear that they find other issues and charge me for something that is not needed or not even real. In the meantime I will ask them to perform the two other recalls regarding the clutch cable (Recall ID# 47392) and the rear wheel (Recall ID# 47390)

Any input is really appreciated. Thank you very much.

Here is the web site of POLARIS West:
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