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so I'm installing the bellacorse mini fender with the newbonneville wiring harness and running into some problems.

There are three wires from the fender, a ground, taillight, and stop light (black, yellow, and red respectively).
There are three wires from the harness, a ground (black), red, and blue one.
Right: I know what you're thinking....3 to 3....idiot proof......

I have tried all combinations of wiring and can't seem to get the taillight (running light) to run. I have the stop light working, but after depressing the pedal or letting go of the hand brake, the lights go off and no more lights.

I have the red wire from the light connected to the blue wire from the harness, and the ground from the light connected to the black from the harness (ground to ground), and the yellow to the red as leftovers....

Is this wrong?
Does anyone know why the taillight won't come on?
Does the ground from the harness need to go elsewhere???
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