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Plastic repairs

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Has anyone had any experience with one of the Plastex plastic repair products for fixing bodywork and such? I need to make some small repairs to my rear bodywork before painting and would like some advice, if you would.

I suppose I could just use epoxy, but I'm not so sure about it's compatibility with this type of plastic. Is it ABS? The bottom of my tank actually says "Ascerbis"!

I've also found links to something called Three Bond Plastic Repair Kit. Is this better, worse, or exactly the same thing? Is there something better than either?

Due to my situation I see no reason to spring for an expensive replacement piece of bodywork, and the repair wouldn't be very big. It's all getting painted anyway.

Any advice is appreciated.

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When I hit a tree with my jeep.... I put a bunch of duct tape over the damaged plastic and wrote 'BAD TREE!' on it with a marker

Maybe speedy would look sexy with something like that.....
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