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Did anybody here ever use "JB Weld" ???

I have a leaking plastic tank on a 96 Tiger. The leak is where the fastner screw is on the right front lower side and this is where the fairing bolts on to ,or fastens on to the tank.

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One of my vent tubes inside the tank was leaking - when tank was greater than 1/2 full it would drip out of the hose; the garage would be reeking in the morning! It must have been marginal from outset I think - I don't see how that could fail.
Anyway I drained & removed tank, & removed the pump assembly for access from there, as well as through the filler neck. Make sure tank is completely empty & free from any vapour.
Then I built up a few layers of JB Weld coating the tube (painted it on with a paint brush) letting it dry thoroughly between each coat.
It's been perfect since - no problems with the JBWeld deteriorating in the presence of gas.
I would use same approach for your situation - apply to the inside & build up a few layers - you might want to apply fairly thick over a larger area than just localized since it might be more of a stress point because of the mount. Scratch up the surface to give the initial weld a better 'key'. Since you're in the frozen North you might want to do this in a heated environment to allow for better curing. I actually used a hair dryer (don't laugh!) to help accelarate the curing process. After final layer, leave at least 24 hrs before re-installing & filling with gas.
You might also want to consider re-inforcing the outside at the mounting point with additional JBWeld.

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