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Okay - got my Norman Hyde "silencers" for the Scram.

No problem removing the originals. Everything went smooth. Took off the heat shields too, for easier access.

Having a bit of a time getting the new ones on. Never put mufflers/silencers on a bike before.

1. There is some kind of metallic wrap that seems to seal up the gap between the headers and the silencers. I removed those okay when I removed the original silencers. Best to put them on the silencers then fit them back into the header pipes as best as possible, before tightening the clamps?

2. The bolts that hold the silencers to the bracket attached to the frame don't seem to go in deep enough. On the stock silencers, there's a raised area that matches up to the bracket - on the NH's - there's not. Should I just fill the gap with washers? Am having a hard time describing that.

Did get the new silencers installed, and briefly fired up the bike - it sounds GREAT - but I need to tighten things up before it's roadworthy. Any other tips to make this installation trouble free?
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