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Hi Barry,

Firstly, welcome to the Forum. :)

The tickler just holds the float down mechanically, which forcess the float needle to open all the way and flood the carb. So if it's slow, then something is blocked in the fuel feed
Might be even simpler - the tickler is just not pushing the float down far enough ... Try: remove the float bowl, press the tickler and you should see a roll-pin emerge from the bottom of the carb. body, grab the roll-pin gently with a pair of pliers and pull it out a little further.

The pilot air screw is only meant for setting the idle smoothly once the engine is running and up to temperature

probably have one for starting and initial running
As the Amal "choke" is fairly crude anyway and, more to the point, doesn't raise the tickover when in use, I've always found 'em neither use nor ornament - I tickle carb 'til fuel flows out, open throttle a small amount, kick, control rpm with twistgrip 'til engine'll tick over on its own.


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